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Yahoo Ups Mail Limit to 1 GB

By - March 22, 2005

Yahoo MailStarting next month, Yahoo Mail will go to one gig. Platform wars, Ho! Release in extended, I don’t have a link for the news, save the mail site, which does not mention it yet. One thing to note: According to figures I’ve seen lately, mail is about 40% of all Yahoo page views, it’s the silent driver of profits at that company. And that’s why Google is pushing Gmail so hard lately – those pageviews drive profits.

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5 thoughts on “Yahoo Ups Mail Limit to 1 GB

  1. To quick a conclusion I presume there. For Yahoo! mail might be driving revenue (not necessarily profit) if they book huge CPM campaigns over the mail view. Google only has the click based model for which people have to click and CTRs in mail clients are amazingly low if I remember correctly.

    In that sense, I doubt that it’ll make Google a lot of money really, at least not in relation to the rest of the site.

    For Yahoo! I’d call it more of a ground noise system, in that they have that probably sold long term to have a little bit of earning stability. On that you can then add stuff like a $1 million one day homepage booking.

  2. Hashim says:

    I don’t know what the figures say but personally I have clicked on my gmail ads 5 times more than I have in yahoo. And I’ve had Yahoo mail for 8 years

  3. Michael says:

    It would seem to me that not only the Ads generated by Gmail, but just the loyalty created when owning an email account from say Yahoo! is what is Yahoo! is trying to retain.

    To me, it seems that the reason why Google is pushing Gmail is to create loyalty to their own search engine/homepage that is what will continue to drive profits and pageviews up through their revenue generating businesses.

  4. switch11 says:

    There are two principles here
    1) Committment and Consistency
    Exactly what Michael says – someone using google becomes a ‘google’ person and feels that they should be consistent and continue to use google services.

    2) Reciprocation
    Users feel that Google is giving 1gb for free which is way better than other services (until today). So of course they can search my emails and give me targetted ads and of course i should click on it ‘5 times more’.

    These are from Robert Cialdini’s book. Google is a master manipulator of PR. Or perhaps you think they want to give 1gb of email space to ‘do no evil’.

  5. ID:entity says:

    Yes guys your right, but personally I would label it under ubiquitous computing. All these folks understand that the closer to the bottom of the value chain you can get, the less competitor disintermediation will occur.

    10 years ago Yahoo! was a web directory, 10 years from now they will be a Telco, the convergence of computing & telecommunications is now painted.

    What the difference between a email and a video mail????