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Clickfraud, Good Overview

By - February 02, 2005

This story over at Netimperative is a good read for anyone who wants to grok clickfraud, and it includes a good tick tock of several advertisers’ travails.

Let’s face it, click fraud is bad news for the advertiser, but it’s still pouring millions into search engine bank accounts.

So, is it feasible that they really would want to put such a concerted effort into something, which effectively, helps them make less money?

In Jake’s case, he presented them with refined data which he’d pulled together himself. Once Google had analysed the data, they got back to him (within five days) and agreed that it was fraudulent activity and agreed to a refund.

I have to say, in my further conversations with both Jessie and Jake, we were all agreed that, as Jake put it “there’s an insane number of PPC advertisers who don’t bother tracking. They don’t bother using unique URLs for monitoring and ROI purposes.”

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Philipp & Me

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Philipp over at Google Blogoscoped has added me to his long list of email interviews.

Findory Moves BlogPlasma Closer to Reality

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Findory NabesRecall my BlogPlasma idea? Well Greg Linden at Findory has worked up a first draft of it, which he calls Findory Neighbors. He explains the thinking behind it here. Here’s Searchblog’s “neighborhood.”

I like this, but it needs more work – the alphabetical approach doesn’t work for me (it creates some false positives), and I still want MusicPlasma’s skin. I’m going to try to work with the MusicPlasma folks and Greg to build on this and make it even better!

GOOG: A Billion Dollars Here, A Billion There

By - February 01, 2005

GoogafterStill writing, so I’ll just note this, link to coverage, (here’s Technorati on Google Earnings) and say: Holy shit. A billion dollar quarter (not including TAC – traffic acquisition costs – of about $378 million). Release in extended entry. And…in 2004, the company created a billion in net cash. Yow. How’s the company doing in the markets? Check here. It’s up nearly 12 points in after hours trading – in the first few minutes.

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Google's Founders' Awards

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Sigh. The problem with doing a book is that you hold stuff back, hoping it’ll stay fresh for the book, and then suffer death by a thousand little cuts. Such is the case of today’s NYT story on Google’s Founders Awards, which I discussed with Sergey a while back.

The idea is neat: reserve millions of dollars in value for teams of people within Google who make major contributions to the success of the company. Basically, Google wanted to create a culture within the company that rewards people on par with the returns someone receives when they start a successful company, then sell it – to a company like Google, for example. I think it’s innovative and rather bold – an acknowledgment that Google is maturing, but still committed to the kind of upsides that Valley startups are all about.

BTW, Google reports earnings today.

OK, back to the final chapter.