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Quick Update

By - January 25, 2005

My, it’s a busy time in the search biz. I’m still in Europe and the schedule is quite demanding here, so my postings will be light. I will have some news tonight, and hope to get to a longer analysis of video search shortly. Meantime, much buzz about this Sci Am article…thanks to the many readers who have pinged me asking where the hell I am…

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2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. What’s interesting is the lack of technical accuracy:

    Third, a highly efficient data structure, or tree, is generated from the relevant terms, which associates those terms with specific Web pages.

    I don’t have time to delve into why this is goofy, but it’s both vague and wrong, unless there’s been a revolution in how inverted indices work.

  2. OK more time now…

    His description of link analysis is off too. He confuses Kleinberg’s HITS algorithm with Pagerank.

    This guy had written a blurb earlier about search, and I assumed that someone had warned the editors, but now he has a full article that repeats the same mistakes.