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AOL (Netscape) Tosses Hat Back In Browser Ring

By - December 01, 2004

netscapeFrom The Standard (I still love being able to say that, even if the site is only running IDG newsservice stuff):

America Online Inc. (AOL) on Tuesday released a preview version of a new Netscape Web browser that is based on the open-source Firefox Web browser, but also supports Microsoft Corp.’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser engine. IE is part of Windows and is used by the great majority of Web users. Many Web sites have been designed specifically to work with the Microsoft browser and may not work correctly in browsers using other engines, including the Gecko engine in Firefox.

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3 thoughts on “AOL (Netscape) Tosses Hat Back In Browser Ring

  1. Great news !!

    Its about time Netscape got back in the browser competition for real.

    Lets hope the product is as good as it once was.


    Ed Keay-Smith
    AdWords Marketing, The Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management Specialists.

  2. OK, let me get this straight. It’s based on Firefox but supports the IE engine as well? That should be VERY interesting.

  3. Brian says:

    This is a very useful tool for webmasters. As an added bonus, if you default to the IE rendering engine the Google Desktop Search client will grab your browsing history. As a detractor, you can’t change the ugly and counter-intuitive theme.