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Stefanie on Video Search

By - November 29, 2004

TVStefanie Olsen of Cnet has dug up some dirt on the big three’s plans for video search. Of particular note is her work uncovering Google’s plans:

Google’s effort, until now secret, is arguably the most ambitious of the three. According to sources familiar with the plan, the search giant is courting broadcasters and cable networks with a new technology that would do for television what it has already done for the Internet: sort through and reveal needles of video clips from within the haystack archives of major network TV shows.

The effort comes on top of Google’s plans to create a multimedia search engine for Internet-only video that it will likely introduce next year, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans. In recent weeks, Mountain View, Calif.-based Google has demonstrated new technology to a handful of major TV broadcasters in an attempt to forge alliances and develop business models for a TV-searchable database on the Web, those sources say.

…Google’s project for TV search is ultra-secretive; only a handful of broadcast executives have seen it demonstrated so far. To build the service, the company is recording live TV shows and indexing the related closed-caption text of the programming. It uses the text to identify themes, concepts and relevant keywords for video so they can be triggers for searching.

The idea of using closed captioning for text has been around a long time, Sergey Brin and others recently published a paper on it.

For further ruminations on this, see my Friday Sketching: TV and Search Merge post.

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One thought on “Stefanie on Video Search

  1. ID:entity says:

    We covered this on Battlemedia on June 23rd, remember the comments in this thread?

    Also touched upon Steve Lawrence (recently responsible for Google Desktop.)

    I’ve been busy of late, now I’m back.

    Missed ya all.