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6 thoughts on “Yahoo in 1995

  1. Susan Mernit says:

    Those were the days when Yahoo sat on Netscape servers. Hard to believe!

  2. kendeji says:

    They already had that custom font for the logo? Is this a real screenshot or a mockup/joke?

  3. Doug Mehus says:

    It’s real. I remember that vividly. Yahoo! was one of the first sites I remember visiting, though I first started using the Internet in 1994 (I was 11 then). Wow, how time flies!


  4. Kannappan says:

    Hey Cool photo. I had never seen this before…coz i started browsing the internet only around ’98 :(

    Any wild guesses as to how it will look like after 10 years.

  5. Radu Cornea says:

    There are more snapshots starting 1996 till today, at the Internet Archive:*/