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Yahoo in 1995

By - September 29, 2004

I’m interviewing Jerry Yang Thursday next at Web 2.0, and in the process of preparing, Yahoofolk dug up this homepage screenshot, from 1995.


Yahoo turns 10 years old this Fall. Whoa.

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6 thoughts on “Yahoo in 1995

  1. Susan Mernit says:

    Those were the days when Yahoo sat on Netscape servers. Hard to believe!

  2. kendeji says:

    They already had that custom font for the logo? Is this a real screenshot or a mockup/joke?

  3. Doug Mehus says:

    It’s real. I remember that vividly. Yahoo! was one of the first sites I remember visiting, though I first started using the Internet in 1994 (I was 11 then). Wow, how time flies!


  4. Kannappan says:

    Hey Cool photo. I had never seen this before…coz i started browsing the internet only around ’98 🙁

    Any wild guesses as to how it will look like after 10 years.

  5. Radu Cornea says:

    There are more snapshots starting 1996 till today, at the Internet Archive:*/