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Updated Google Valuation Spreadsheet

By - August 02, 2004

CNBCFor your IPO grokking pleasure, CNBC correspondent Cory Johnson has sent along an updated Excel-based model of Google’s financials. (Cory also interviewed me for his ongoing coverage of Google, rumor has it he even used some of it….) He’s uploaded the income statement and balance sheet, and added some valuation, share count, TAC, and revenue growth metrics as well. Yahoo is used as a comp. The TAC metrics/gross revenues are new since the last amended S1. Change forward revenues and margins and see for yourself what happens to the stock price!

Click here to download it.

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The TiVo Debate: Missing the Picture

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sad tivoWashPost (reg required) today:

TiVo, the company that makes the digital-video-recorder boxes that inspire such strange idolatry among their users, is in a weird spot. It’s asking the Federal Communications Commission for permission to add a new feature — the option for a TiVo user to send recorded digital TV programs via the Internet to nine other people. …
…For this, the company has drawn the ire of the National Football League and the Motion Picture Association of America, which have asked the FCC to deny TiVo’s proposal.
The NFL says that TiVo’s Internet-sharing feature will allow people to send game broadcasts to blacked-out viewers in real time (a team’s home game can be aired locally only if it sells out beforehand).

I don’t know about you, but sending multi-gigabyte three-hour files around the net is not my idea of fun, at least until the Koreans show up with fiber to the home.

What I *do* want to do is cut and paste clips from shows I’m watching that I find interesting, illuminating, or funny and send them as email or IM or cel clips to my friends, and I may well want to send more than *nine*, for chrissakes. The ability to comment upon, promote, append, adapt, and tinker with my media is what I want. I have NO INTEREST in hijacking re-runs of “Friends” and sharing them with my real friends. Hey TiVo and the content cabal: You want to put in technology that stops me from doing that? Be my guest. But don’t kill the ability to cut and paste, comment, collaborate, edit, append, amend – you know, all the things that we can do right now with text and images. That’s what built the web, you dunderheads, and it’s what will ultimately save your business, if you could simply stop driving by looking over your shoulder. Grrrrrrr.

More from the Post:

(Tivo’s) proposed system is thoroughly hobbled. The people to whom you’d send recordings online would need you to add them to a “secure viewing group” by ordering special security keys for their Windows computers, associated with your TiVo bill. Each viewer would need to plug one such key into a PC to receive, watch or edit your recordings.

Hobbled? More like insidious, stupid, dumb as a sack of hammers. Jesus.

Hat tip to loonyblog for the image.