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GOOG To Open Shortly…

By - August 19, 2004

GoogNASDAQjpg.jpg I can’t get a price for it yet, but AP says soon.

UPDATE: CNBC claims the pre-open buzz is that the stock will trade up, FWIW.

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3 thoughts on “GOOG To Open Shortly…

  1. Opened up almost 60%, then Nasdaq sent a message out that it was not open for trading yet but two trades had gone through that shouldn’t have. So all is back to zero. These two were 150 shares. If it were really open we would not have seen these trades.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    It opened at $100.01. Hi/Low for the day so far is 100.51 vs. 95. Lots of volume in the 96-98 range.

  3. Thomas Hawk says:

    Congrats on the CNBC spot this morning.