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Good Clean Fun

By - August 06, 2004

beerEach year at SES, Google throws a party called The Google Dance, named after the “dance” that optimizers and marketers go through when dealing with Google’s frequent updates to their index. Anyway, apparently this year they ran our of beer early. Yahoo took the opportunity to poke fun at Google for that fact. A Yahoo search for “ses party rule #1” yields a special hand coded top result: Never run out of beer.

Thanks to SEORoundtable for the tip.

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3 thoughts on “Good Clean Fun

  1. Jeff Coyle says:

    It’s nice to see a truly funny crack from an editorial team (Inside Yahoo! Matches) who is notoriously so tight and strict…definitely a good one.

    BTW, I just switched to wine :)…

  2. I can’t ever remember a party at Yahoo where we ran out of beer. Heh. At least a bit of humor drips out now and then.

  3. jon oropeza says:

    that’s hilarious. though Google’s was still the better party, and as Jeff said, there was plenty of wine. This also may have been on purpose – see also, more beer = more security problems, such as random inebriated characters attempting to steal anything and everything with the name Google on it that’s not tied or cemented to something solid…