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The Desktop Search Wars

By - May 19, 2004

Markoff breaks the news officially that Google will have a PC/hard drive search. I was meeting with MSFT folks today when this broke (on my way out from NYC…). That’s a story for another day.

Some have asked what the business model is for local hard drive search. My answer: Good will, and lots of it.

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3 thoughts on “The Desktop Search Wars

  1. Hashim says:

    I would to be here “the other day” when you tell that story.

    But a hard drive search is another step closer to the Google OS that’s been talked about lately.

  2. Ian Kennedy says:

    According to Bob Muglia in a recent CNET interview, the client version of a desktop search for Longhorn,” won’t be fully in place until 2009.” If I’m reading things correctly, what Markoff is saying will be available in 2006 is the server version for searching network drives. If you’ll excuse the pun, the “window” of opportunity for an end-to-end, client-to-internet search solution is w i d e open.