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Tidbits from the S1, continued

By - May 01, 2004

KK points me to this post from Tristan Louis which reverse engineers how many machines Google has based on reported IT costs. Answer: roughly 50-80K machines, each with two CPUs. Honestly, I think it’s more. In any case, Tristan makes the case that taken together, it’s the most powerful computer in the world. Anyone care to disagree? I’d be interested to hear if IBM agrees.

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ujiko Kartoo has launched new search engine, Ujiko. I am sure there is an explanation for this name, but I don’t know it. Uses Yahoo Search technology, and lets you to customize results based on what you like and don’t like, and, interestingly, keeps all user data on *your* machine. I do believe this issue of who controls/owns/has rights to user data will be important to most users in a few years, and a significant point of product differentiation. Gary has a review here.