Wines From Last Week, 5.20 Edition

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Meanwhile, it was a busy week, with the CM Summit in New York. Here are a few of the wines I enjoyed:

The closing dinner for the CM Summit speakers was great, I didn’t pick the wine, but I sure liked drinking it. It included:

…the I Perazzi La Mozza 09. I don’t know anything about Italian wine, except how to drink them.

Next up was the Dolcetto d’Alba Brandini. I recall this being rather so so.

The Bastianich Adriatico, which I could not seem to get a good shot of. By this time, not sure my palate was quite wine-worthy.

When I finally got home, after five days on the road, I opened this 2007 Macauley Cab from good old Napa. Wow. It really delivered.

And then on Saturday, my pal Mark at our local family pizzeria turned me onto this nicely priced and very deep Benovia 2010 Sonoma pinot. He had three extra bottles, I bought them all.

5 thoughts on “Wines From Last Week, 5.20 Edition”

  1. You should try some of Croatian wines from Istria region (very similar to Bastianich): Kozlovich (Santa Lucia, Muskat), Matosevich or Arman. Don’t know if you can find them in USA. I can check with Croatians over there.

      1. That’s typical with all Croatian stuff: mixed results ;). It depends on your preferences and food, I guess. You should come for holidays, visit islands on Adriatic coast and try food, wine, fruits, sea, sun, wind, music. When it all comes together it swipes you off your feet. You’d be delighted 😉 
        You can check this out when you find time: Read you…

      2. Glad you liked it! Next time you’re coming I can share you few tips from locals 😉 Have a nice day Mr Batelle.

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