Championships, Milestones, and Alzheimers

As readers are realizing, I’m posting photos here first, then using this as the basis for exports to other services like Twitter or Pinterest. It will be a few days before I have a “non photos” RSS feed for you to follow, forgive the interruption with non-work related stuff. But, it was a big weekend.

It started with my daughter winning the county championships in the 1oom dash for the third year in a row. Wow!

Then my son led his Eagle Project, with a crew of eight who cleared brush and built a new set of steps on a local trail near Mount Tamalpais. A major milestone.


Then he participated in the NorCal Championship mountain bike race, which was held in Marin for the first time ever.

In between, I went to an extraordinary fundraiser for Alzheimer’s research, and got to talk baseball with Giants manager Bruce Bochy and listen to Tony Bennet sing “I left my heart in San Francisco.”

Lots of Valley brass there (it was held on Sand Hill Road), it’s amazing to realize how little is known about this disease, which costs the US $200 billion a year, and effects the lives of tens of millions of us each year. For more info, check out this short video, also embedded below. Eye opening.


3 thoughts on “Championships, Milestones, and Alzheimers”

  1. congrats to the Battelle clan! your kids would have NO problem trekking 4 days on the Inca Trail 😉 style points for the bow tie!

  2. Thank John, I have to say this is more enjoyable and real than the typical one-sided aspects of blogging and commentary. Humans are interested in humans and they love to connect with their favorite intelligentsia on many levels. It just gives everything more meaning. Congrats on creating children who can contribute positively to society- that’s kind of what I told my kids when they were upset about me shirking my chauffeur responsibilities… “I am sure I did not see ‘chauffeur’ in the parenting job description. The job description I read said: Raise healthy humans who can contribute positively to society.”  🙂
    And with regard to Alzheimer’s, it’s a mind-boggling disease that has all the elements of art and life: some elegance with simple composting attributes. Though frustrating, it also challenges the bonds of family, compassion and loyalty. It seems to be the disease that demands we bring community back into our lives where it is supposed to be. It takes community to manage elder disease as much as it does to raise our children and build our families.

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