Initial Web 2 Summit Lineup Announced

Today we announced the first tranche of speakers for this year's Web 2 Summit conference, Oct. 17-19 at the Palace Hotel. It's a great group, but we're really only getting started. I'm mixing up the programming approach quite a bit this year, with no panels and a lot more short,…

Today we announced the first tranche of speakers for this year’s Web 2 Summit conference, Oct. 17-19 at the Palace Hotel. It’s a great group, but we’re really only getting started. I’m mixing up the programming approach quite a bit this year, with no panels and a lot more short, impactful High Order Bits and data visualizations. Right now we have 26 or so speakers confirmed, but I expect we’ll be at nearly three times that by the time we’re done. The program is going to be BANG BANG BANG, not that it dragged in the past….

One new thing I’ll be doing as well is forming an advisory board. More on that soon, but my goal is to gather input on the program from a diverse set of voices. This is something I did way back when we started in 2004, it felt right to do it again.

You’ll notice the lineup has a fair share of the industry heavyweights you might expect me to interview (Steve Ballmer, Dick Costolo, Steven Elop, Michael Dell, etc), as well as some names that perhaps you have not heard of (Intel anthropologist Genevieve Bell, “The Information” author James Gleick, etc.). In the coming months, I’ll be announcing new additions pretty frequently, mainly through Twitter, so if you want to stay on top of them, follow me or the Web 2 Summit handle.

Below are the speakers in visual form.

Registration is open, if you want to come, now’s the time, as you get a far better price. We’ve sold out registration every year since 2004.The link at left includes the discount, which lasts, if I recall, only for a short time. Hope to see you there!



10 thoughts on “Initial Web 2 Summit Lineup Announced”

  1. John

    Great starting line up for upcoming Web 2.0 Summit. Reading about this event (again) it dawned on me the disparity of professional development/networking opportunities of this caliber available to those working with for-profit entities and to those, like me, working for non-profits with limited resources.

    In the greater scheme of things we all contribute to society in meaningful ways. If those in the non-profit sector had similar access to events like Web 2.0 (and the many others out there)and limited resources were not a factor, productivity would surely rise (non-profits face equal scrutiny for ROI as our for-profit brethren).

    When you meet with your advisory committee, and others in your field, would you plant the idea how smaller non-profits can be included in the professional arena and benefit from these knowledge-building events?

    Blogs and tweets from experts in the field are a valuable and appreciated resource. Having attended a similar event 6 years ago, it was a far more valuable experience than any blog – in fact it changed the way the NM Dept of Cultural Affairs practices marketing and public relations.

    Not a rant, just a request.

    Steve Cantrell

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