4 thoughts on “The Gap Reads The Gap Scenario”

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  2. I was at the GAP the day that promotion occurred… you would have never known. It was also run in tandem with a 40% off coupon that came in the mail for card members of some sort.

    For these kinds of experiences, the organization really needs to internalize and socialize what they “want” the customer experience to be, before the customer can start having it. Otherwise the customer experience doesn’t make that leap forward.

    So A+ for innovation, C- for implementation (generously) . . . but at least they are trying.

  3. John thanks you too much! My wife just checked in and the lady checking her out had no idea what it was so she got her manager. The manager looked at it and said I think that means tomorrow. Pretty interesting since the special specifically said 8/14on it. I’m sure the Lincoln, NE store isn’t the only place this happen. Great communication Gap!

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