2 thoughts on “It’s Zeitgeist for YouTube, Too!”

  1. John, you’ve hit upon a key truth about Google and most if not all other web search engines here:

    YouTube’s most watched came out this morning. Again, nothing that eye opening. Wish they’d dig deeper.

    Now, realize that the same exact phenomenon is happening for regular Google search. When you type in your 2.3 keywords, you basically get the “non eye opening” top 10 results. The things you would expect to get. Not the deeper, more interesting results that you really need SEARCH to help you discover.

    Results 11+ quickly drop off in quality, even though there are 4.3 million hits to your query. There are obviously more than 10 good, interesting, eye opening results in those 4.3 million hits, but Google does not help you discover them.

    The same frustration you’re feeling about the Zeitgeist, I see every day in the regular search results. The two are not unrelated.

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