9 thoughts on “Twitter Has a Bad Hair Moment”

  1. Yeah I’ve seen that too. If you scroll down and re-select standard view, that’s worked for me. It looks like it’s in the mobile version even when you’re on your computer. Hmmm… if only bugs were worked out as much as fail whale images are refreshed with new design:)

  2. Your tweets tonight say you’re posting from mobile web, so you must have somehow gotten plugged into that interface. I’ve been on Twitter all night and didn’t see this happen for me.

  3. This happened to me the other day when I was testing out some stuff… I somehow clicked on a link that went to m.twitter.com… Twitter decided to set a cookie in my browser, so all subsequent visits looked like the mobile browser version.

    After a while of dilly-dallying and clicking around, I wound up on the normal version again.

  4. Looks like the external CSS file that defines the layout and style of the page didn’t load for some reason. I see this happen on various sites on the web from time to time.

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