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  1. The problem lies in the ‘BEAT GOOGLE’ mentality.

    The solution should be to carve your niche, not beat another search engine.

    In other words, Google- as does every search engine – has weaknesses. A search engine could come along that simply fills that void and expands, but not attempt to beat another search engine.

    That pressure often leads to a misdirected, badly focused approach. One is attempting to boil the ocean – to reinvent the wheel. This is impossible given the money and education of Google’s developers.

    Why not just develop a search engine with its own personality, so that it could be used as an alternative to Google. Perhaps one could slowly develop and expand it after it has gotten its loyal following.

    Look at how the Cuil hype has backfired. People are expecting miracles after just a few days

  2. I loved this one: “No.” 😀

    But since when has “respect” been a part of Google’s algorithm? Is this “universal respect” or some other kind of respect? ;P

  3. The response that “failure of any other company to gain significant share against Google” is simply short of words “within US market”. There are examples when companies focused on local market are more successful in capturing audience than Google: Baidu, Nader, Yandex and even Yahoo! Japan and Taiwan.

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