4 thoughts on “One Can Only Hope This Is A Trend”

  1. Interesting numbers, but I think they’re poorly represented. Visually, the chart seems to convey that the number of miles driven quintupled between 1983 and 2007, even though the numbers indicate the miles driven “only” doubled.

    It’s still not a good trend for the planet, of course. 🙂

  2. I bought a SUV about four months before gas went up like crazy. Gotta love it, my miles seem to add up faster as well which is strange since I still work at the same place for the last five years but My wife has and expedition so i try to drive on the weekends when we go places. No a good report for any green planet lovers to embrace. I wish I had my car back.

  3. I’m confused. Does this mean that people are driving (or traveling via automobile) more as time goes by, or does it mean that there are more cars on the roads (and more highways / more lanes / more asphalt to drive on)?

  4. Maybe I am a little slow here. But the Y-Axis says “Average vehicle Distance Traveled – Billions of Miles”. Perhaps my car needs a tune-up but if the average car is doing 3,000 Billion miles in a 12 month period then teleporting may not be required.

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