4 thoughts on “Seen on Facebook”

  1. Agreed. A nice dig.
    Still – goog having the last laugh. I enjoy FB but it’s a nightmare on conversion. Spent $500 at Christmas on social ads saying “Buy your christmas flowers here” (or something similarly direct and shopping oriented (to avoid random, non converting clicks). How many sales? Zero!

    D’oh. One friend (at telebid.com) has had great success on FB PPC. Sadly, thus far, no joy from FB PPC for us. So I’ll laugh at the joke and keep giving the goog my USD.

  2. I know that if people don’t click on Google’s ppc ads, that Google will stop running them — does Facebook do this too? I find it funny that Google seems to be training people to click on stuff such that OTHER people have to pay them money. Even more hilarious is the fact that people are willing to pay for such meaningless clicks. I expect when people become REALLY disenchanted with disingenuous ppc advertising, that… — well, maybe the sky will begin to fall.

    I expect a resurgence of CPM and/or new / more sophisticated models (coupons? co-branding? etc.?) will at some point in time bring advertisers back down for a (hopefully) soft / smooth landing.

  3. Google will always have the last laugh, as I just can’t see Facebook’s ad model working at all… People are not interested in advertisements on there, however clever and targeted they are…

  4. Ironic really – you only want to advertise to people once they *have* started searching because that’s when they’re in a buying frame of mind.

    When they’re on Facebook, they’re just mucking around with their mates.

    We’ve run the same kind of ads on Facebook as on AdWords and AdWords creams Facebook on all metrics other than impressions.

    Facebook can blast out the ads all it want, but it simply doesn’t get the targetted clicks and conversions.


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