2 thoughts on “Interview With Cnet”

  1. It is not really in valid to call GLAM the flavor of the month…. there may be room for both business models to survive.

    What the article SHOULD have covered are the return rates for the Advertiser from Federated versus Glam?

    If Federated is focus on branding for the blog network – how does that translate in ROI besides getting better deals from Google and others?

    Those questions were not very probing. Are Tech interviewers afraid of coming off rude or aggressive?

  2. Well John, I just read your CNET interview and Arrington´s comments in TechCrunch.

    What to say?

    I think you´ve been very outspoken about ad future and the future of FM and “your competitor” (that´s how Arrington called Glam Media).

    It seems Arrington is a bit upset with what you said but particularly I apreciate your openess and your defence of INDEPENDENCE…NOT TOO MUCH NOWADAYS¡¡¡¡¡¡

    The problem here is about “THE IVORY TOWER FROM WERE GURUS SPEAK”: How easy and erroneous is to give advide to other´s businesses or affairs, i.e GOOG stock will hit 900$ in March 2008, when one is not involved in the BUSINESS.

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