4 thoughts on “Sorry Singapore, That’s Not Enough Scratch”

  1. One never knows where a good idea is coming from – or if it is already in progress

    The person who wins the 100k could already be working on it as part of a PHD as sees this as an opportunity to get additional funding.

    Also, everyone now has the advantages of learing from the strengths and weaknesses of the current top search engines.

    The original Google probably did not cost 100k

  2. Actually, I think offering a moderate amount of prize money for this type of thing makes A LOT of sense. Of course, you have to be realistic about what to expect, but having such competitions say a few times a year could really help in developing the right kind of start-up culture in Singapore, and could really motivate students to give it a try. Certainly a much smarter investment than the European idea of pouring hundreds of millions into Quaero and similar harebrained schemes.

  3. I think it was not about building a new search engine. The contest was just a disguise to promote the opening of Fusionpolis and to attract researchers to work in Singapore.

    No, you can’t build a useful search engine for US$100,000 – Google forbids it!

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