11 thoughts on “Curtain Rasier on Zuckerberg’s 60 Minutes Interview”

  1. I think Zuckerberg missed the mark, as it were. Lesley Stahl pointed out several times in her narration that he did answer the question that was asked. Instead, he gave canned responses. I recall from so-called media training, that one is supposed to “give the answer to the question that you want, rather than the one you’ve been asked.” In doing that, however, Zuckerberg came across as stiff and evasive, like a reluctant witness. “60 Minutes” edited the piece, but they did not seem to be going after Facebook. On the contrary, really. So I think Mark came across quite badly and his evasivenes gave me pause. What do you think, John? Is the perception of trust vital to a site like Facebook or Google? Is Mark Z. blowing it?

  2. let’s not forget, mark’s 23 years old… and a programmer. at that age, had he been any more confident or zealous about FB during the interview, he’d probably look like a douchebag with the credibility of mr. oxy clean, not steve jobs. even though, he looked a bit “stiff,” it was probably better to appear this way. and i would trust him as much as sergey or brin to refine beacon in getting that ad platform to work flawlessly, because he’s not showboating even though he could, being “cheered on” by silicon valley/microsoft and all. he’s sitting there programming away, not in a private office, suite or somewhere up on the top-floor of manhattan, but next to his other fellow coders and part-time n00bs. the man clearly loves to work. and i bet you that if, on the flipside, FB crashes hard, he wouldn’t be completely devastated because he’s young, motivated… and still renting. he’s a new generation and breed of business.

  3. JC is right, Zuckerberg was not convincing. I have seen also the f8 keynote and I didn’t like him.
    Facebook should hire an older and more experienced CEO, as Larry and Sergey did with Schmidt, and leave Zuckerberg work in the back office.
    They risk to lose trust from their user.

  4. btw, by brin i meant larry. and even though i don’t think mark’s perception of trust is at risk, i’d second ale’s comment on hiring an older ceo for PR’s sake… though i bet it’d be extremely challenging to find someone experienced who’d mesh well with the FB folks.

  5. having met MZ, I can say the interview was a pretty accurate portrayal of him. Didn’t interpret it as evasive. In other words, that’s a feature and not a bug.

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