3 thoughts on “Another Bubble”

  1. You gotta love this video. It’s the only thing that has ever made me laugh before 2:00PM. Great stuff!!!!!

  2. Oh, please, I wanna be an internet millionaire too!!!!! Please visit my website, click on my ads and buy stuff! Then I can build more websites to sell stuff about how to sell stuff on the internet and become an internet billionaire! Then I would create a social network for “Ex-patriot Geeks Who Ran With the Venture Capitol Money And Are Living In Costa Rica” and become a gazillionaire!
    LOL, loved this video!
    And aren’t you proud of me for not inserting any active links to my sites in this post????? Muhahahaha!

  3. Man, the video is gone for a copyright infracion. I wanted to learn how to sell stuff on the internet, especially considering these keywords are ranked on the first page of google so I thought I’d be in the “know” when it came to internet marketing and making millions of dollars online…dang!

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