8 thoughts on “Move On Moves Into Facebook: Privacy”

  1. I think that the FaceBook “Beacon” should really be more explicitly opt-in, both in your profile and individual vendors.

    In its current state it’s the e commerce equivalent of an already checked box for “allow partner companies to spam you with offers”: annoying and low-value.

  2. I canceled my Facebook account after their new ‘Beacon’ service was introduced. I can’t run the risk of some purchase, personal information or other information I can’t foresee being broadcast to my Facebook network. In any case, even if I was careful enough to not let that happen (though I doubt one can be 100% sure), I would cancel my account principle.

  3. Jesus! we have no more privacity in this cyber world? Everybody is trying to know more and more about us, using illegal instruments and violating our space….

  4. I don’t know what FaceBook are trying to do… Zuckerman probably think that he is god or he just became “greedy” for money.

  5. This seems to be the top of the slippery slope: lots of disgruntled comments about FaceBook server lag and applications failing are getting lounder post ad platform launch

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