One thought on “Your Spam Control Is a Sham. No It’s Not.”

  1. They are honestly making an effort to control spam by using both social networking and algorithms.

    But the question begs: What exactly IS spam?

    Some things are obvious and written in stone – but some fall under a gray hat area of subjectivity.

    Hence, spam is being used as an cliche umbrella term – any easy way not to think and analyze.

    They are placing doorway pages, paid blog links etc in the spam-pot. They are not bothering to deeply analyze WHY webmasters are forced to be creative and proactive about getting valid traffic.

    Relevant SERPs are relevant – regardless of the tactics used by the SEOs to get their sites ranked. Click tracking will squeeze out those who are not living up to the surfers’ expectations.

    One has to wonder if all this spam vigilantism is an attempt to force people to use ADwords as their only recourse.

    Google is supposed to hire the brightest that the world has to offer – but upon further analysis – they are limited in their perspectives and abilities to empathize.

    Hence, they have only Focused-intelligence – not extremely, well rounded intelligence that enables them to see things from the point of view of others as SearchEnginesWeb is able to do.

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