3 thoughts on “Signs of Live”

  1. I recently stumbled upon the podcast-preserved Web 2.0 summit recordings on iTunes; as someone who couldn’t attend in person, I’d like to offer up my sincere thanks for making the content and insight available for download.

    One of the most interesting sessions at the summit was when a group of young students were brought together to discuss the sites and search platforms they use and why. Awareness of Microsoft’s search engine seemed surprisingly low. Students said that they use Yahoo because they like the games the site serves up to searchers. Perhaps this move by MSN will bring in younger web users as well.

    If anyone reading this has not downloaded the Web 2.0 summit on iTunes, I highly recommend it.

    Amanda Mooney

  2. They’d do a lot better if they improved their search and increased the volume of their index.

    According to their blog, there’s only 3 people working on it, which is slightly worrying. The most recent figure I read (September 2007) indicated that Live now accounts for just under 10% of all search volume, which is quite substantial. This is a bad thing because live is really very tricky to SEO for, because it doesn’t do what you expect.

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