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  1. For all of the lip service we pay to Web 2.0, it’s amazing to stop and think how much the internet has really changed in the past decade. It’s already revolutionalized almost everything we do, and yet we’ve taken it for granted in record time.

  2. I’m not sure the full impact of this video has yet manifest…. this should astound us all. (socially, culturally, and yes, even technologically) ++thanks for the post John++

  3. Screencasting the read/write-process

    Ref: http://battellemedia.com/archives/003386.php

    Screencasting the read/write-process in the Web is a great presentation idea.

    Selected animated screencasting over the own write/read process in the realm of the Open Content and The Creative Commons pages encourages this new form of presentation.

    Yes, Web2.0 is for connecting people, who create and share wealth. >Google:CreatingAndSharingWealth, not only informational but also economical wealth for all participants.

    — fridemar.com (MyOpenId)
    The ref part serves for reconnecting social annotations back to this site.I also link it via my bloglist at the wiki based open business site: AboutUs.org.

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