10 thoughts on “Is Google Treating Their Employees Like Kids?”

  1. its called organizational behavior 101 . . . kids, tough guys, jocks, genious . . . whatever you want it to be . . . basically you want to create a unique/incestuous culture & rituals within your company which improves loyalty and productivity . . . the marines, mary kay, sieble, Trilogy (remember them), microstrategy . . . they all do it . . . its more common than you think . . . the Japanese companies are pros at this . . .

  2. A few toys and free food and we’re being ‘infantilized’? I don’t know why this guy has such a problem with Google making their offices a nice place to be. I’ve yet to see anyone crawling around in diapers and unable to fend for themselves. πŸ˜‰

    The truth is that Google gives their employees a lot of influence over what and when work gets done. It’s up to us to decide what products we should make, and that they’ll be, if they’re not already, the best. Hardly treating people like children.

    It’s pretty sad that he confuses things like free food, and being able to do your laundry at work, as “so that they never have to grow up and learn how to live life on their own”, instead of just conviences to make our lives easier.

  3. I was at Google a few days ago, and in my short time walking through the ‘plex I saw employees flinging those colored 3’ diameter plastic balls into the air, playing with remote control helicopters, and playing dodgeball.

    That is all fine and dandy, and I have no problem with this. In fact the dodgeball looked kinda fun.

    But then there was a part of me that stepped back from the whole scene and thought to myself: So, these people flinging colored balls into the air are the same people who are creating Google policy about how and what results to censor in China? These people flying the remote helicopters, or playing dodgeball, are the same people protecting me by standing up against the Feds and the CIA and the NSA and the Patriot Act, when these agencies request my private search data?

    Like Senor Battelle says above: “If it works, do it.” Maybe there is something about playing with colored balls at lunch that makes these other complex, political tasks much easier to deal with. But as much as I understand how great it is to blow off some steam by playing dodgeball, it just feels wierd to think that the same person who stands up, fearless, against all the nations and powerful political and corporate leaders of this world…actively chooses to play dodgeball at lunch.

    Again, I like dodgeball. Have ever since the third grade. So this certainly isn’t a criticism. It just…feels wierd.

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