5 thoughts on “Random Friday Fun”

  1. astonished at the blind followers here

    The funny thing about perception is that the deluded of non-perceiving are the very last to know about it

    Dawkins is possibly the most obnoxiously articulate, perception limited personification of that funny religion called “I don’t directly perceive it. Therefore it doesn’t exist”-ology

    and if you don’t think of it as a religion of perceptuals, think again..

    Another funny thing about atheism parading as truth is that’s actually only an opinion on steroids, the catagory of “agnosticsm” ie there can be, logically, no conviction in the non-experience of the Divine in contrast with it’s contrary

    He just hasn’t had a taste yet. That’s all it means.

    Yet he pontificates on TV/print, affirming his own delusionary omniscience about the non-existance of the divine, digging his hole deeper all the while… and those who follow his call that he leads forth in shocking ignorance

    Mr Dawkins simply needs to learn/ experience say, DMT as a simple example & grok that for starters or go to the Amazon, hang with the shamans & experience some ayahuasca as prep before he makes any bigger fool of himself than he already has and those slavishly following, similarly trapped within the prison of their rational minds

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