FM Platform Launches

What the hell is Battelle doing over at FM? Tonight you can find out, we're launching the beta of our new advertising platform for high quality blogs. More over here …….

What the hell is Battelle doing over at FM? Tonight you can find out, we’re launching the beta of our new advertising platform for high quality blogs. More over here ….

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  1. If you are a U.S. or Canadian citizen then go ahead and start a campaign with the new online ad toolkit, which offers categorized and demographically relevant search and instant purchasing. And what about E.U. citizens? And the other parts of the world? What’s the plan? When can I manage it from Europe?

  2. I have some suggestions on FM’s (Beta):

    The Voice of the Customer is hardly present! Haven’t you heard about building a “Church of Customers”.

    – On my service site I would like to hear (and benefit) from and communicate with other advertisers about their experience and
    – I would like to converse with the readers of chosen blogs about the campaign and benefit from their “inside” – and
    – sometimes in I need to talk to the authors too

  3. Hey bro, I usually read Henry’s board and hen started reading yours when he mentioned your website/blog. I like your stories/ideas. Truth be told I didn’t know who you were.

    The other day i was in the bathroom reading Business2.0 and came across the Microsoft executive interview. I noticed the author and it was fucking Battelle!. I was like holy shit I know that guy. At that point it hit me how powerful the internet actually is. When have users ever been able to interact with authors, give feedback, and discuss ideas. Crazy new world bro.

  4. John, it appeared (to me at least) there was a GM campaign sometime back that was FM driven — the first time I had seen color ads on Digg.

    However, it seems that most advertising is stuck in very old forms — “Our PR people know how we need to sell our product to consumers, and we just need as many people as possible seeing what we want them to see.”

    But there is often no way for users/customers to give feedback, no sense that the answers to a companies challenges may exist in the people they are trying to influence, no incentive for engaging users/customers around a topic. Like with the GM campaign, I am happy that are finally interested in alternative fuels, but I did not see any place on the page to let them know what I thought they should focus on — or to see others feedback. It’s like they are still back in web 1.0, or .5. Maybe FM could help them move in toward a new paradigm, rather than just the same old forms of trying to capture and and only “give” information and ads.

  5. As i posted in your FM blog the rates seem to be so expensive…$30 CPM for semi-targeted users is outrageous.

    But as i said because of your impressive blogger list and your extensive connections you may succeed in selling to Fortune 100 companies who are not so much interested in direct ROI and may be fooled by madison avenue terms like brand lift etc πŸ™‚

  6. This is the type of format Google adSense should have used… Good Luck.

    One minor problem ….


    …and will give “invalid email address errors” when attempting to sign-up.

    Get it πŸ˜‰

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