2 thoughts on “Cool.”

  1. this is very cool, but also very inaccurate. many of the results pulled (that don’t come from a page specifically listing hotspot locations) are wrong.

    (in your 94111 search, result ‘I’ is the Salon.com building. Examining the attached links, it’s unclear whether there really is a hotspot there)

    i’m curious how far Google can take this massive, but not-well-formed dataset (the Net). Sure, geeks like us get off on this, but the overall QOS offered by apps like this is not great.

    if your yellowpages or Mapquest was this accurate, you’d be seriously pissed.

    I guess my question is: Google clearly owns the geeks – people who ‘get’ beta apps, but how will the company do with the public at large – people who just want simple solutions?

    Or has the Net’s fascination with innovation superceded old notions of phone company QOS? Have we willingly traded Sprint’s ‘pin drop’ for something else? And if so, what?

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