One thought on “Orkut is back up”

  1. OK, bleagggghh. The note telling me Orkut was back online was fine, till the sign off. STAY BEAUTIFUL? Ewwwww….

    Dear John,

    We’re back!

    The response to orkut has been phenomenal, and we’re
    learning a lot about what people like and expect from
    a service like this. Thanks for all your feedback so
    far — we’ve really loved your suggestions.

    We took offline for a while to build some new
    features and do some general tweaking. We hope you’ll
    keep sending your ideas to us, because we want to make
    orkut great for you. That said, we may need to take
    orkut offline again for short periods to update it, so
    please bear with us if it’s temporarily unavailable.
    Hopefully the changes will be worth the wait. We’ll
    see you on orkut soon…

    stay beautiful, team

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