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In Which I Officially Declare RSS Is Truly Alive And Well.

By - February 02, 2012

I promise, for at least 18 months, to not bring this topic up again. But I do feel the need to report to all you RSS lovin’ freaks out there that the combined interactions on my two posts – 680 and still counting –  have exceeded the reach of my RSS feed (which clocked in at a miserable 664 the day I posted the first missive).

And as I said in my original post:

If I get more comments and tweets on this post than I have “reach” by Google Feedburner status, well, that’s enough for me to pronounce RSS Alive and Well (by my own metric of nodding along, of course). If it’s less than 664, I’m sorry, RSS is Well And Truly Dead. And it’s all your fault.

For those of you who don’t know what on earth I’m talking about, but care enough to click, here are the two posts:

Once Again, RSS Is Dead. But ONLY YOU Can Save It!

RSS Update: Not Dead, But On The Watch List

OK, now move along. Nothing to see here. No web standards have died. Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

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  • Melissa Sachs

    I’m here through a twitter link.  but, in general, the more dedicated followers will add you to their RSS feed.  Is that your conclusion?  they want to go to you.  you’re not reaching out to them.  

    • Anonymous

      Yep. Read the original post and the comments, if you have a spare hour to waste (of course you do). It’s pretty entertaining.

  • Ams Ams

    alive :)

  • Gianni

    woot :)
    I was away for work and read about all this only now….

    Thumb up for RSS feed, long live and prosper!

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