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Maybe I Was Right…

By - January 03, 2011

In my prediction #7 from last year: Traditional search results will deteriorate to the point that folks begin to question search’s validity as a service.

I gave myself a “fail” on this when I graded myself last week. But Anli makes a case in “THREE’S A TREND: THE DECLINE OF GOOGLE SEARCH QUALITY”.

As for 2011 predictions, I’m working on that right now, and hope to have them out later today.

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4 thoughts on “Maybe I Was Right…

  1. Tom Nocera says:

    Looking forward to reading your 2011 predictions. Care to share the methodology you have perfected over the years to create your highly accurate forecasts? Just wondering…

  2. Kirsty says:

    I keep reading these comments about spams and rubbish. but I haven’t noticed any drop in quality myself and I search on google all the time. and when I read examples of poor results, I replicated the search myself and almost always find the results perfectly in line with what I expect from Google both in terms of relevance and depth. None of the spam websites quoted in people’s posts. Personalised search surely counts in part for the difference, however I also suspect people either dun know how to search (some of them think sponsored keyword links on the right are spams) or they’re lying.

  3. JG says:

    John – when it comes to that “dishwashers” example from Paul Kedrosky.. haven’t I pretty much been saying the same thing for years now?

    In fact, here are some comments from exactly 4 years ago.. January 2007:

    Scroll down to halfway through the comment, when I starting talking about purchasing a GPS unit.

    Are people only now starting to realize this? I’ve been having this problem for years.