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Google and AOL Renew Pact

By - September 02, 2010


One of the best cards in AOL’s difficult hand has been its search deal with Google, which was up for renewal this year. This morning the two companies announced (ahead of a December deadline) that they were staying together, though I can only imagine the folks at Bing didn’t make it easy. At the moment, only three parties know what Google paid – Google, AOL, and Microsoft, which knows at least what Google must have topped to win the deal.

Here’s the official release. Financial details are not disclosed, yet, but more will probably be available in future SEC filings.

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2 thoughts on “Google and AOL Renew Pact

  1. Simon says:

    If Google lost the deal with Aol, i would be too much even for them. Buzz going down, now Wave, Orkut isn’t delivering. Even big G isn’t imune for defeats.

  2. Josefina Argüello says:

    It’s a big win for Google, since Microsoft’s Bing was clearly after the deal as well. But Armstrong said in February that “distribution is almost as important to us as money, we will look for distribution as much as money in the deal.” Google sends massive traffic to AOL sites, which could have made it a more attractive partner than Bing. Of course, Bing isn’t lacking in its own deals-the search engine now counts Yahoo as a partner.

    Josefina Argüello – Posicionamiento en Google