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Signal Update

By - July 28, 2010

201007281034.jpgEvery day I spend an hour or two curating a set of links that I find provocative, useful, or important, adding a few lines of commentary to boot. It’s called Signal, and you can consume it in three ways – as an email newsletter (sign up on the Signal Home Page in the upper right hand corner), in your RSS reader, or on the web.

For those of you who like to click on links, here are the last three Signals for your enjoyment:

Weds Signal: Get Out There And Be Counted!

Tuesday Signal: Control, Alter, Delete

Monday Signal: Summertime, and The Linkin’ Is Easy…

Thanks for reading…and I hope my August semi-break, coming soon, will allow me to write longer pieces here with more frequency. I’ve been hard at work on some Web 2 Summit projects, expect more on that late next month.

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One thought on “Signal Update

  1. student aid says:

    They sang “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”. Don’t think that song means what they think it means. Great news for Gulf and MikeBrown (WPO Forum I and mammoth crawfish eater): Louisiana fish and shrimp get thumbs-up.