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Short Thoughts, At D, On Apple Search

By - June 03, 2010

Thanks to Andy at Beet for asking. My post earlier here goes into far more detail. I do look rather querulous, do I not? It must have been the sun.

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4 thoughts on “Short Thoughts, At D, On Apple Search

  1. Lester Puppo says:

    Before going to the topic of the post, I’d like to say that it is great to see that every time you post something about a certain topic, you keep on investigating and posting further information. You don’t just leave it at “that” at the first post, that shows responsibility and professionalism. Thank you for sharing valuable and worth reading content.

  2. You’ve made some wonderful links here — for example between your article and Beet.TV video. You’ve also provoked some more thoughts/ideas from me/in my head:

    🙂 nmw

  3. Good thoughts and points well made John. It will be interesting to see how Apple develops search, as you rightly mention, they have to take it to a level where the “ocean hasn’t already been boiled”. 🙂

  4. Tom says:

    I saw Jobs comment as being related to his anger towards Google for getting into the phone business, which I still don’t get as Apple could’ve called it a developer phone and let everyone else duke it out. Google’s value is in the software and apps rather than the hardware.

    But I agree with John that Apple will do search but in specific applications rather than as a destination where you go to search for anything.