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Google Has to Fix The App Store

By - June 28, 2010

I’m not an Android user, yet (working on that), but if this piece is even halfway true, Google needs to respond, quickly, with a plan to fix the Android app store.

I’ve heard over and over that Android’s user experience, when it comes to apps, is terrible, and it’s a major reason why folks love Apple. Signal over noise.

Noise and dirt are essential to the web, but there’s no reason why they have to overrun it. Curation is a media skill, an editorial skill. Not what Google’s good at. Maybe it needs to outsource it to folks who are good at it (ahem). In any case, it remains a major failing point in the Android competitive ecosystem. Take the good lessons from Apple’s app store, and exploit the weaknesses. There are many on both sides.

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7 thoughts on “Google Has to Fix The App Store

  1. Adam says:

    Here’s hoping that the guy that just defected to Google from Palm will be able to do some good work on the user experience side.

  2. lance Bliss says:

    Google has to mind the App Store is what I think the title should have been back when they added iGoogle. Half the apps are not updated still, even the one’s that Google developed. So, I was not surprised to read the title of this article. Google is great, but they “NEED TO FOCUS” and not have their hands in too many candy jars. Trust me, Google will not listen to me. I have tried, they just ignored me. But hey, GBuzz was built by programmers, it is not really a social site to compete with FB. Don’t hate me it’s just my opinion. 😉

  3. androidzoom says:

    Google has his own plans on improving the actual Market in the near future.

    In the meanwhile, you may consider checking sites like ours; we’re trying to fullfill some of those not covered needs.


  4. Ryo says:

    It’s correct what Google is doing.
    What some articles calling “Noise” is actually what many downloading. Free ringtones… yeah annoying, I make my own one with Ringdroid. But some people do like it, they just download the app, get some ringtones out of it and are happy.
    Same with many other apps.
    Some call it irrelevant, some call it best reason for having an Android.
    C H O I C E !
    You have it, deal with it. Who said having a choice is easy ?
    Who said freedom comes without a price ?

    So please Google, DO NOT FIX the marketplace. It doesn’t need to. I don’t want another iGestapo-store

  5. Whilst I’m happy to sully myself in the detritus of the web; I see no reason why my mother, wife and daughter should have to make judgements whether they’re safe to download an app; Apple know this and act accordingly and I think you’re 100% correct that it’s time for Google to be a little less lessez faire with other peoples’ security.

  6. blueshell says:

    Yeah, I have an Android phone with all the features I like except the Apps. Google should pay attention to the Android user experience and learn from its competitors.

  7. GPS says:

    Given that this is such a massive opportunity for growth for them, I can’t imagine that they won’t put all the necessary resources towards this. And quick.