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Monday Signal: Block Those Ads!

By - March 07, 2010

Monday’s Signal round up is light. The news was a bit boring over the weekend, and I’m OK with that. We all watched the Oscars and enjoyed the suspense of disbelief. I tweeted that it feels like, as a culture, we’re closing in on One Big Mass Media Event each month. Oscars, Super Bowl, New Year’s Eve….What’s the next one?

Meanwhile, I am doing a lot of writing/producing right now. The theme for Web 2 this year is really, really interesting (it centers on points of control and strategy across the Internet), and we’re also a few days away from unveiling the new CM Summit site (the theme this year is “Marketing in Real Time” – and the speakers are extraordinary). Not to mention some deep stuff I’m working on for FM and the future of its business (off to NYC this week for more on that). Oh, and yeah, I want to update that Database of Intentions post I did last Friday. Lots of great input from all of you – in comments, Facebook, Twitter – and I’ve decided that for sure, we need to add a Signal for Commerce. Health, Music, others – I am not sure about yet. More on that soon.

Meanwhile, the links I did find worth digging into over the weekend:

Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love (Ars Technica) Finally, a publisher (one who was with FM until our pals at Conde Nast purchased them) sounds off about ad blocking. Ken, the founder, created a program that blocks content from folks who block ads. He didn’t run it for long, but read the piece. He learned a lot, and engaged with his audience as a *publisher*. Well done. I love that Ken did this, and can’t wait to read all 1400 comments. Money quote: “Imagine running a restaurant where 40% of the people who came and ate didn’t pay. In a way, that’s what ad blocking is doing to us.”

Drafting a New Blueprint for the Client-Agency Relationship (Jones&Bonevac) This topic ain’t going away, it seems, in fact, it’s coming to a head.

Clorox App Gives Consumers Content They Want (eMarketer) All marketers are publishers. Who said that?

Monopolies, Retransmission Fees, and Screwing Customers (AVC) Fred puts one more story into the ongoing narrative of traditional media coming to terms with the Internet.

18 Use Cases That Show Business How to Finally Put Customers First (MarketingProfs) Always a sucker for case studies….

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3 thoughts on “Monday Signal: Block Those Ads!

  1. Anonymous says:

    As Firefox share increases the problem of ad blocking would also increase.

  2. John says:

    You are right, anon. I think it’s important that publishers actually speak with their audiences directly about this issue, and ask for support. And it’s equally important that advertisers create marketing that supports and understands the site. Ad networks don’t do that.

  3. What’s next was the Olympics. May have escaped notice because the Games didn’t happen in the United States of America.