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Friday Signal: Google Google Google!

By - March 04, 2010

2349s4-marcia_brady_00000138.jpg(image) Today I’m not going to write a piece and then append links. You’ve been giving me a lot of feedback, and you miss my in depth stuff. Honestly, I’m doing a lot more of it – both recently and in the intentional near future. Much of it has been at the top of Signal pieces. But Fridays are different, it’s when I will write the equivalent of a weekly column. I have a piece in me that will come, ideally, after this round up post. Meanwhile, as I perused the news of the last day, I was struck with how much of it involved Google, and the pure breadth that involvement spanned. Behold, Signal, the at-least-half Google edition:

Google Makes A Bid For More Premium Display Dollars With ‘Above The Fold’ Ads (PaidContent) Look, publishers, one chip at a time, Google is doing stuff that means you have to raise your bar. Sell stuff they can’t. If you want tips, email me.

Stars make search more personal (Google Blog) Google is adding a star rating system to its search results. Amazon, anyone? or Twitter?

In three years desktops will be irrelevant – Google sales chief (Silicon Republic) Bill Gates would be spinning in his grave. But he’s not dead yet.

Search your Android phone with written gestures (Google Mobile Blog) Another search innovation from Google.

Google Research head dubs holy PageRank ‘over-hyped’ (The Register) PageRank? Overhyped? NEVER.  

Google To Begin Indexing The Internet In Real-Time? (The Next Web) This story was all over the web Thursday. In short, it’s a new way for Google to get (more) real time signals. But honestly, not a huge deal. I don’t think. Correct me if I’m wrong…

Getting to Know You, You, You, You (MarketingProfs) A recent Nielsen study found that global consumption of social media increased 82 percent from Dec. 2008 to Dec. 2009 in the 10 countries surveyed, with users spending an average of 5.5 hours on their sites of choice per month. Hello!

Adobe On Its Way To Being A Role Model For Interactive Marketers (Forrester) I met with Ann an hour before Shar did. I’m an Ann fan.

Sit. Walk. Slouch. Communicate. Create. Consume. Why the iPad will be a hit (Denuo) Rishad has a good point, and given my rant on the subject, I’m very open to different points of view. He states the iPad will be a hit because “it is about a state of stature and a state of mind, not a state of technology.” Yes, but when I slouch, do I cease being a social, web connected being? I think not. Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do with a digital device, Apple! In particular, if something strikes me, and I want to go from “slouch” to “stand” or “Sit”, well, WTF?

Mobile Users Want Personalized Services (eMarketer) …two-thirds of mobile users around the globe are interested in “smart” services that would feed them information based on personal preferences, location, time of day and social setting. YES.

The New Commandments (Vanity Fair) WTF, Battelle? Look, guys, it’s Friday. Aren’t you paying attention? I always throw an odd one out on Friday. Money quote: Thus we are fully entitled to consider (the Ten Commandments) as a work in progress….What emerges from the first review is this: the Ten Commandments were derived from situational ethics.

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  1. One day Google may control all of the roads, not just the expressway.

  2. Ann says:

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