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The Friday Signal: It's The Platform, Not the Bowl

By - February 05, 2010

Screen shot 2010-02-05 at 8.35.37 AM.pngFriday is all about the biggest event in television marketing – the Super Bowl. This year (as I’ve noted here before) I’m struck by how many campaigns are integrated with longer term social marketing platforms. That’s putting the investment to good use – promoting what I call a media annuity that will pay back all year long. However, much of the press and some of the marketing still gets it backwards – they see the Super Bowl as something that social media “builds buzz for.” Nope. It’s the other way round, folks. Your brand, which after all is what you’re buying the ad for, right? – your brand lives all year long on the platform you create. That platform is social, mobile, real time. The Super Bowl ad should drive that platform, not BE it.

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And in other Friday linkage:

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Apple prohibits App Store devs from using location-based ads (MacNN) Hmmmm.

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2 thoughts on “The Friday Signal: It's The Platform, Not the Bowl

  1. Tim says:

    Isn’t the FIFA World Cup the biggest event in television?

  2. Söve says:

    I agree Tim.Thanks.