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Monday Signal

By - February 22, 2010

At the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting today, and it’s packed. Follow it on the Twitter hashtag #iabalm. Will keep this Signal focused on the links again.

FM Honored with IAB Sales Excellence Award (FM Blog) Well I had to crow, didn’t I? I’m so proud of the work we do.

Networks Wary of Appleā€™s Push to Cut Show Prices (NYT) Apple is increasingly acting in a manner that I believe will isolate it from the Rest of the Media World.

By Creating Content, These Shops Are Creating a Legacy Beyond Ads (AdAge) Advertising must be content. Valuable content.

Lowered Expectations: Web Redefines ‘Quality’ (AdAge) Quality is so damn subjective. I have a rant in me on this.

Mobile Advertising Needs Transaction Spur (Reuters) Ads on mobile still nascent. Yep. But man is it exciting.

The next generation of ad serving for online publishers (Google Blog) Google revises DFP. Also see Google Tweaks DoubleClick’s Ad Server (Clickz)

Measuring Tweets (Twitter blog) Watch this space. This is the beginning of a roll out of ad products from Twitter, I’d warrant.

Could the Toyota Recall Crisis be Helping the Brand? (Mashable)

Google Hackers Linked to Chinese Govt. (SAI)

ROI: How to Measure Return on Investment in Social Media (Brian Solis)

Will Pure-Play Agencies Survive? (eMarketer)

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