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It's Twitter!!!!!!!! (Yahoo + Twitter)

By - February 23, 2010

Just got word of this deal, news of it around the blogosphere:

Yahoo is announcing a partnership with Twitter on Wednesday that will bring the services of both companies closer together. Under the partnership, Yahoo users will be able to read their personal Twitter feeds on several Yahoo sites, including the company’s home page, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Sports. Yahoo users will also be able to directly update their Twitter status from Yahoo and easily share content that they see there with their Twitter followers. Yahoo will also begin including real-time Twitter content on a variety of its sites.

So, Yahoo’s answer to Buzz? (Irony alert).

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3 thoughts on “It's Twitter!!!!!!!! (Yahoo + Twitter)

  1. Manjeera says:


  2. NookSurfer says:

    I think this will become more common in the near future as these software giants fight for market share. You’ll start seeing more of them team up.

  3. Evans says:

    So who is Google going to marry? Facebook! I think this decision willl hurt Twitter as not a lot if people are going to log in thru Twitter website, they might just open their yahoo account and login to both. But I’m guessing Yahoo must have paid big bucks for this deal.