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Google, The Software Brand

By - January 19, 2010

One of my predictions this year (#2) focused on Google becoming a software brand. To my mind, every interaction with a brand strengthens a consumer’s understanding of what the brand means. And with that in mind, this dialog box, which has been popping up every so often on my desktop, certainly screams “Google is a software brand” to me.

Screen shot 2010-01-19 at 2.04.08 PM.png

In the past, just two other companies have had this kind of a relationship with me: Apple and Microsoft. Whenever those dialogs pop up on my desktop, they’re reminding me “Apple and Microsoft are software brands”. Add Google to the list – and scratch “search, and only search” from its list of brand attributes.

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10 thoughts on “Google, The Software Brand

  1. cheap tires says:

    I am really intrested to see if Google actually pulls out ahead. I am betting it is just a hey Microsoft look at this type of thing.

  2. In my mind, Google is a very trusted brand despite the fact that it does store your information, but I bet this brand has lots and lots of credability behind it.

  3. JG says:

    When you say software, you mean real software? Not this web software stuff?

  4. Google always complete my needs my thirst of search,now in software also I want to depend on first Google.It is more trusted than other.

  5. jimjerky says:

    This is absolutely true.

  6. I think the article has more to do with the fact that Google isen’t recognized as a Software brand AT PRESENT.

    With more and more corporate acquisitions such as Picasa in the past and most recently DoubleClick (Ad Serving Platform), Google may someday offer you its SOFTWARE that you may be entitled to pay for.

  7. I am surprised Google has yet to make the foray into Internet Security / spyware / antivirus software. To me that is a natural for them. I have close personal relationships with Java, and flash pop ups, along with Microsoft pop ups.

  8. prefabrik says:

    At least next Google needs to support it’s online reliability. Thanks.

  9. sharon says:

    Now monitor large multi-vendor networks and get real-time notifications on outages by trying fully featured, 30-days free trial of Traverse…

  10. Google has always been a software brand, except in the beginning we didn’t really realize that the search engine was just a software extension of cloud computing. It’s just cloud ware, right?

    What’s interesting is how Google has migrated to the desktop with apps like Google Earth and Sketchup.

    Expect more apps from Google in 2010.

    Buddy –