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Twitter Does Zeitgeist

By - December 15, 2009


I wrote my first book after seeing Google Zeitgeist eight years ago. Maybe Twitter’s first ever “Trends” will push me to get off the damn couch and finish my second.   

Nah. After reviewing them, it’s clear that Twitter’s first trends release is, well, a bit predictable. But I am sure there is really interesting data locked behind that rather obvious facade….we just can’t see it. Yet.

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  • Joe

    I’m looking forward insight into all that real time meta data they collect.

  • Joe

    I’m looking forward to some insight into all that real time meta data they collect.

  • Norbert Mayer-Wittmann

    Absolutely ridiculous. #mm > #ff? WTF? Hardly have I coined GooTards, I think now it’s time for TwitTards.

    :D nmw

    ps/btw: these lists (both Twitter + Google) are completely useless. How, for example does anyone come to the conclusion that mentioning Liverpool is a matter of sports? Did they check every tweet? LMAO! :D

  • diego

    We (Flaptor) released the top 20 hourly peaks of 2009 on Twitter a couple of days before. Our analysis is more quantitative, as we show the percentage of hourly tweets for each one. Michael Jackson had 22.6% of all tweets during the hour of his death announcement.

  • Ty Howard


    This was an interesting blog post to
    read on the topic of “Twitter Trends.”

    I too am interested in finding out
    what Twitter will do with the data

    Keep up the great work! Have a wonderful
    Holiday Season!

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    Motivational Speaker, Habits Consultant, and
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  • jenkins

    shocked and amazed that micro-blogging service, Twitter, is boring. They are just a blogging service, right?

  • Greg

    First, let’s make a resolution not to give boring annual lists airtime next year.

    Second, what more interesting analysis could Twitter do? Personally, I’d like to see a “tweeters like you” aggregation where you could explore what people with similar follow lists tweeted about.