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Google Is Acting Like A Traditional Media Company

By - October 07, 2009

…as pointed out in this WSJ Digits piece:

As part of the shift, Google is thinking up and tailoring more ad campaigns in close consultation with ad agencies. In May, the Mountain View, Calif., Internet giant altered its sales structure to work more closely with ad agencies and react more quickly to trends by organizing sales staff exclusively by industry, like automotive and technology. It also created a senior position responsible for improving communication with the largest ad agencies.

….The new approach is a turnabout for Google, which for years argued that advertising should be designed and priced based on strict benchmarks such as how many times an ad was viewed, rather than its emotional appeal. Marketers spent handsomely on search ads for specific uses, such as driving sales of a particular product, but when they wanted something more unique they went elsewhere, to Yahoo Inc. or other media, such as television.

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2 thoughts on “Google Is Acting Like A Traditional Media Company

  1. Christian says:

    Hello! Nice blog, I actually found this on bing.

    Best regards.

  2. Trainer says:

    As long as they keep the comparisons to traditional media limited to those few examples………..