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4 thoughts on “"Better off if we'd never heard the word Microsoft"

  1. Bob says:

    I think it was imprudent to make the earlier “boatloads of money” comment, and even stupider to make the ones you mention. Even if talks have broken down again, a CEO should leave the door open. Neither Yahoo nor MS can truly succeed against Google without some sort of working partnership.

  2. Yeah, if she did say “better off if we’d never heard the word Microsoft” that’s cheeky. It definitely caught my eye.

    Some people can get away with saying things like that, and it even makes them more effective because people, even competitors, feel like they’re tough and honest.

    We’ll see . . .

  3. It sounds to me like she has been telling Ballmer all along that she is not interested in selling at his bargain basement prices.

    Jerry Yang must be smiling.

  4. valleyguy says:

    I think MS has figured out alternate ways to win search market share. Bye Bye Y!

    you took too long to make the decision