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Not News, But Certainly Interesting

By - March 17, 2009

prmote twitter thenjpg.jpg (Oct. 2008)

Twitter promotion now.png (This week)

Much buzz about this, but … Twitter’s been promoting things it finds worthy since at least last Fall…what I find interesting about this is the promotion of Twitter search, which I’ve been on about for a long time as a really, really big deal.

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5 thoughts on “Not News, But Certainly Interesting

  1. Kevin says:

    it looks like twitter is testing advertisement platform for future. Currently i guess they are promoting their own products/services…

  2. andilinks says:

    I have been watching Twitter’s numbers on Alexa almost from the beginning.

    Twitter Search can definitely take a big bite out of Google, I use it now for many types of search and I would not object to an “AdSense type” block of ads where the current promo sits.

    And my current perception of Google’s AdSense (non-transparent!) revenue stream is such that I’d jump at trying an alternative on my own site as publisher.

  3. PD says:

    Why don’t they put a link to Twitter Search with the rest of the links in the top right hand corner?

    Unless you have that little definition-style link under your number of followers as you show in the picture, Twitter search is very difficult to find.

    I only found it because I read your blog. But once we found that search function, it was much easier for us to see how Twitter could fit in with our business.

    I just don’t understand why they make it so difficult to find Twitter Search.

  4. andilinks says:

    I have a twitter search box at the right end of the top menu.

  5. Magazin says:

    How about this query: Since majority of users don’t go to Twitter homepages, except before they decide to follow someone, why bother advertising there at all? Definitely a good point. It would be interesting to see stats on how much time is spent on homepages—I spend time on my own, of course, but I also linger on other people’s profiles to catch up on their streams, see who they’re replying to, etc.