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Do Not Erase!

By - March 18, 2009

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I’m a student of history. OK, maybe more like, I am a getting-older journalist following a youngish history, of companies like Apple, a company I covered in the 80s, Microsoft, (late 80s to present), AOL, Yahoo (mid 90s to present), Google (late 90s to present), Facebook (early 2000s to present), and on and on (yes, Twitter is my most recent obsession as a story).

So when I saw this tweet today, well, heck, it brought me back. To this. I first saw the Google Master Plan whiteboard when I went to Google in early 2002 to meet with Eric Schmidt. Love the idea that Twitter now has a whiteboard with its revenue plans, and prominently declared is that wonderful mandate we’ve all written in the corner; DO NOT ERASE!

Yes, that’s a good idea. Don’t erase (see my previous post on why).

PS – Google’s Master plan also had a “Do Not Erase” in the top left hand corner. So did the “Don’t be evil” whiteboard moniker put up across campus in the early days.

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7 thoughts on “Do Not Erase!

  1. Sampad Swain says:

    I don’t know why can’t you see the obvious difference!


    No, I’m not kidding. Google=Twiter is way much extrapolated at least in monetization!


  2. lylebot says:

    I consider writing “do not erase” on a whiteboard to be poor etiquette. If it’s that important, write it down on paper or take a picture or something. Don’t just tell everyone else that they can’t use the space (implicitly telling them that their ideas are less important than yours).

  3. Kevin Fox says:

    I’m proud to say that my addition to the ‘Google Master Plan’ was an annotation just under the ‘Do Not Erase’ that says ‘The real master plan’

  4. That is to funny! I had never seen the google master plan until today, thanks for sharing.

  5. Well the do not erase should be on every whiteboard (does not make sense)!!

    I often regret erasing the whiteboard I have at my office. One should have at least 2 to 3 whiteboards at the office, to explore different ideas.

    Now i always take pictures of the whiteboard before I erase – but somehow a reconstruction of the drawings is not the same as first draft.

    Interesting to see the Google master plan.

  6. Thank you google search for information about the master plan was to find a really solid so glad I’m finding a lot more I wish to call